I came in with my son so I was going to pay for my order and my son was going to pay for his so as my sandwich was being toasted my son order his and the worker name Anellvy ask me am I going to order more sandwiches I said no this one is mine and that one is his it’s two separate order I’m doing mine and my son doing his and she started yelling at me telling me calling me names and I told her don’t be talking to me like that talk to me right so she started going on until another lady came and said I’ll take her order just be quiet and go to the back and as she walking to the back she was still yelling calling me names still and wouldn’t be quiet I told the lady are you the manager she said yes I told her she shouldn’t talk to me or any customer like that and if I was you I would of send her home and see you tomorrow and she said yes I know but the manager kept on apologizing to me about what happen and I just told her it’s ok Anellvy shouldn’t t say names she should respect the customers and I told the manager you should have a talk to her.and before I left the manager told me once again I’m sorry. Fire her, talk to her that it shouldn’t happen again and give her a write up