If Mike Dreher from Vancouver has contacted you, it’s time to block that number. This guy can make anyone go bankrupt. That is not an exaggeration but precisely what he is doing with people. Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert will trick you into investing in his MLM scheme promising great returns and a passive income. But in reality, it’s all a lie. You will be given no choice but to see the downfall yourself because there is no escaping. I am a marketing executive who has been working with businesses for a long time. It never occurred to me that a plan looking enticing at first sight could lead to something so horrifying. It would help if you stayed away from this genuine-looking guy. He is far from being honest. My experience went bitter right after I paid for the extra course. It all started with a Facebook ad. I remember scrolling through my feed and stumbling upon an ad sharing knowledge about making money, a lot of it. So, it intrigued me, and I went forward and joined the webinar. Mike, with this other guy, was presenting the stuff. To be candid, there wasn’t anything to frown upon. These guys shared some basic knowledge. However, there was nothing much to learn as well. So, I was still interested. Not to my surprise, Mike offered everyone attending the extra webinar materials. I knew that no one would share the actual knowledge for free. And there must be something to look forward to as additional perks. That cost me $149. I thought this would be it. But that wasn’t enough. Mike would encourage you to connect with a coach to learn further and earn considerable money without working too hard. And once you opt for a coach, you cannot get any refunds. They asked me to buy the Enagic machine to become a member for passive income. I was shocked because it was too expensive and overpriced. Yes, it was for $4000. Not just by a few dollars but much more than that. So, I was tied up. I was in shock and could not recover for a few minutes until I realized what I had done. This was not how I imagined it. I had two choices. To let that $149 go in vain. Or, buy the machine for another $4000 and see if it works—the extra training to sell these machines and make more in return. I do repent the decision I made that day. I chose to go with the second option. And I paid an extra $4000. In return, they took me through some training which was another scam. Because it did not teach anything new or unique, everything was over the internet. Worst of all, the easy-to-go-rich money scheme isn’t supported by Facebook. And they blocked my account for running ads for such MLM schemes. I tried another version and ran ads. I did get a few people who clicked on my ad. But none of them bought the $149 course. In 6 months, I finally realized I had wasted the money for nothing. Trust me; I did everything that Mike told me to. I even ignored a few contracts from my clients to work for this MLM scheme. Usually, people who get stuck with these schemes trap their friends and family. I could not do that either. I did not want anyone else to lose money for my wrong decision. I lost all the money I invested in this scheme. And when I asked Mike to refund the amount, he went furious. I had never seen this side of him. But the truth is, you cannot trust this man. He would rip you off or rip many others on your name. So, if you are considering joining this MLM scheme called Enagic Water Ionizers, think again. You will never be able to reach anywhere. It only leads to stress and frustration. Even if you convert some leads, you will still feel bad. They might call you and blame you for their problems. It isn’t a feeling you want to experience.