Drove up to place my order… lady could not get it right. Finally after 3 tries got it right. Paid for it. Rude lady. Drove to pick up order and lady started rambling off my order. I said yes and handed her my receipt. She told me that is what I said you did not hear me. I told her that she did not have to be that rude to me. Then mouthed off to me when she gave me my order. I said I hope you get a better attitude this evening. Got out of the parking lot my idea was wrong. Left off a medium ff. Went back. Brought in my order receipt and told them I did not get my medium ff. She did not believe me. Manager walked up and I said i would go get my food if she did not believe me. She was just as rude and I told her I did not appreciate how the lady treated me at the drive through. I felt because I was white and they were black was the reason I was treated unkindly. If something is not done. I will go to social media. Investigation to how that place is runner. I should have gotten my. Money back and never go back.