Rachel Roxxx, United States

Rachel Roxxx who is an adult actress, female adult performer, and a female adult entertainer is a evil race-hating sick-minded racist bigot whose skin color racism, prejudice, and discrimination is targeted especially towards African-American men or Black men in particular whose skin color she despises and hates with a tremendously high level of racist hatred. This has also hindered and prevented her from having a serious intimate relationship with these African-American men or Black men in essence. Because of this true fact, Rachel Roxxx must be harshly, greatly, and strongly blacklisted and condemned for being the ugly-minded, black-hearted, crooked, corrupt, deceitful, vile, atrocious, malicious, wicked, venomous, and vicious racist skin color fraudster, trickster, charlatan, and filth she without any doubtsRead more


This man took my money from me and overcharged my credit card. When we arrived on Lanai he didn’t answer his phone or return our money. We had over 5k in extra charges from this scammer. Check out his other reviews.

money collection

Beware of this person contacting all websites. They collect money for darkweb narcotics sales, guns, fake ID’s and anything darkweb connected. They message these types of websites hoping to get your trust. Based from Kharkiv, Ukraine. EMAILS: exchanger555@anonymousspeech.com exchanger555@tutanota.com Wicker – exchanger555 They are a complete scam! BEWARE!

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Esley Hall – DeBusk Services Group – McEwen, Tennessee

Esley Hall from Rockwood, Tennessee is a liar and a con artist. He recently got remarried, but he cheats on his wife. He now works for DeBusk Services Group in McEwen, Tennessee. Esley is dishonest. He scams workers out of their pay. He scams other companies out of money, by overpricing. Esley is a snitch, a backstabber, a cheater, and a home wrecker. He screwed around with married woman, Elise Brown (a worthless teen mom/high school dropout) and promoted her, by having her scam her way to a vacant manager job, with a lame online degree, instead of giving that job to someone who was more qualified. Elise Givens-Brown moved her way up, by sucking Esley Hall’s cock. Esley isRead more

Jakub Tomczak, Evil Guilty Rapist

Jakub Tomczak, a Polish man violently raped a woman and left her for dead in Exeter (United Kingdom). His victim was left brain damaged by the attack and forced to use a wheelchair until they died in 2010. Jakub Tomczak was working in Exeter as a hotel porter at the time of the attack. His victim was a 48-year-old single mother who had been walking home from a night out in the city with friends when she was attacked by him. After the attack he left his victim for dead, naked and unconscious under a van. Jakub Tomczak was sentenced to two life sentences for rape and grievous bodily harm by the Exeter Crown Court. The sentences were to runRead more

Shy Love, United States

Shy Love is a female adult performer. adult actress or female adult entertainer who happens to be a sickeningly evil and very deceptively wicked skin color racist bigot whose skin color racism, bigotry, hate, and discriminatory practices have been directly against African-American or Black men in essence. This is due to her great racist disgust, detest., and hatred against the skin color that these African-American men or Black men possess. This has greatly kept her back from having a serious intimate relationship with these African-American men or Black men in particular. Because of this Shy Love must be severely blacklisted and severely denounced and condemned for being the atrocious, contemptible, crooked, corrupt, rotten, vicious, malicious. spiteful, and dark-hearted racist bigotedRead more