Female Stalker of Celebrity Actor Keanu Reeves At An Airport

The pictures in this report posting show a woman who is a Stalker of the actor Keanu Reeves at an Airport. She chases after him for a photo but she is really a Harassing Stalker of this Actor and Celebrity. Some people never learn. These “Celebrities/Actors/Actresses/Singers/Sportsmen/Sportsmen, etc” are human beings just like everyone else. Sure they have popularity but they breathe the same air and oxygen we all breathe. Take away that and they are as good as dead just like all the dead people in the cemetery who are there in the cemetery today. These “Celebrities” must not be obsessively worshipped as though they are a “god”. They have their own lives to live. Let them live it inRead more

Gerard John Schaefer, Gerard Schaefer, Gerard John Schaefer Jr: Burning in Hell Forever

There are various names for the serial killer in Florida known as Gerard John Schaefer, Gerard Schaefer, or Gerard John Schaefer Jr. He is apparently responsible for the ending of the lives of women and girls which can be up to Thirty (30) and Beyond that Number which he is suspected of. Investigators theorize Gerard John Schaefer hanged his victims, had sex with their corpses, buried them, then dug them up and repeated the process again and again. He did cut up in pieces his victims because He would be charged with killing and cutting in pieces the bodies of two girls that he would later on go to prison for (The Two Girls were: Susan Place and Georgia Jessup).Read more

Germaniks, Michael Riva

This guy is a scam artist he takes a deposit off you and doesn’t supply the goods people beware as he is an alcoholic and has a gambling addiction he will destroy your cars warranty by cutting through the vehicles wiring loom and planting viruses in your vehicles ecu so that the main deal will not know how to fix so you end up paying him a lot of money to undo the damage I have several people complain he is very fat and looks like comic book guy out of the Simpsons, he also uses violence to scare people. Beware!!!!

Aaron Greenspan HLF Thinkcomputer.org eventsthinkcomputer-org-aaron-greenspan-plainsite-org-christine-richard-orion-research-llc-herbalife-judi-greenspan-simon-greenspan Keene promotions

Aaron Greenspan is a conartist. Only fool would pay attention to reading Aaron Greenspan and Chritine Richard PlainSite :: Reality Check :: Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. Also a bigger fool to pay Aaron Greenspan a monthly subscription to be a plainsite.org pro user . Business Insider called Aaron Greenspan a parasite in 2009. Aaron Greenspan harrassed the board for 7 months using the name John Fuenchem. Aaron Greenspan Is a Adam Lanza and unabomber in the making. Have you read Aaron Greenspan manifesto?? Very creepy. Aaron Greenspan is planning on running for president of the United states in 2020. WWW.Aaron2020.com . This is not normal behavior. Aaron Greenspan is very dangerous and owns guns because he supports the 2nd amendment. https://www.businessinsider.com/parasite-the-aaron-greenberg-story-2009-5Read more

Reanna Siew, Trinidad and Tobago

Reanna Siew is from Trinidad and Tobago. Known Cheater (doing it in Secret behind the back of everyone of course so as not to get caught) and a slanderer as well as a gossiper. Her gosspiing talk all comes because she easily resents people and because of that she will Bad mouth those people that she resents and is bitter towards. It is like once she sees someone she might not even know she starts disliking them. This goes for other women that she is jealous of who might be better looking than her. Not a good person to be around. Distrust to the Max. Stay Away From. Total Rubbish. Waste of Time With Good for Nothing Ways. You’ve BeenRead more

Richard Evonitz: Burning In Hell

Richard Evonitz also known as Richard Marc Evonitz is in fact a serial killer responsible for ending the innocent lives of Sofia Silva age 16, and Sisters Kristin and Kati Lisk, ages 15 and 12. This all occurred in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. When he was finally exposed, after one of his intended victims escaped, and helped reveal who he was police ended up surrounding him near the waterfront in Sarasota, Florida. He had a gun in his hand and decided to End his Existence. What he did to those innocent girls will give them justice in the After life as He Burns Forever in Never-Stopping Torments in Hell Fire. Such will be the Final destination of all those who followRead more

John Paul Phillips: Burns in Hell Forever

John Paul Phillips of Carbondale, Illinois is a serial killer has been linked to slayings of Theresa Clark, 22 / Kathleen T. McSharry, 24 / and Joan Wetherall, et cetera. He eventually had a heart attack while on death row in1993. Although this Psycho deserved more than this Forever He will be burning in Hell and Un-ending suffering will be his portion for All this Sicko has done. Going to Jail is the least of his worries now in Hell. This will be the portion of All who follow this path when they are a menace and a plague to the society at large.