Complaint Postings Commentary

Agreement can be reached that there has been the potential for violation of the privacy of individuals regarding this site BUT the poster of postings on other websites regarding WILL NOT WIN THEIR CASE if they Cut and Paste pictures of the individuals they believe to be involved on pornographic scenes. People are not going to really believe that this person is credible or believable completely and such an individual/individuals is in fact defeating and doing harm to their case which in fact may be completely legitimate by some of the postings that they have been posting especially using pornographic imagery This is simply a Word to the Wise. Legitimate Cases deserve to Win.

Judi Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, Aaron Greenspan

Judi Greenspan, owner of the scam website called along with her son Aaron Greenspan and husband Dr. Neil Greenspan. Through their website they post peoples sensitive and personal medical records and personal lawsuits. They extort money from people and refuse to remove the documents. Dr. Neil Greenspan is a medical doctor, pathologist, licensed in the State of Ohio, and working as a teacher at Case Western University. See his pictures below. Contact information and home address of the owners of Aaron Greenspan, Judi Greenspan and Neil Greenspan. Send all legal documents and lawsuit summons to Aaron Greenspan’s contact information below: Aaron Greenspan Neil Greenspan and Judith greenspan home phone: 216-932-1989 (phone 1) 216-932-8096 (phone 2) Neil Greenspan and JudiRead more

Fujitsu employee Steve Husselbee is a racist

Steve Husselbee is a racist bigot who supports Britain First a Far-Right racist group that has lots of scumbags and sex offenders amongst its members. Steve Husselbee’s daughter Becca Husselbee is also a racist who is employed at Storytrender and Caters News Agency and sexually harrasses Muslim women online. How much #racism can a person carry? Sometimes the answer is the unlimited amount, as long as, like @becca_husselbee, the person is rootless and ignorant #StopHate #Islamophobia — Kambiz Shabankare (@kambizshabankar) June 25, 2018 Becca Husselbee’s email is if you would like to let her know you don’t care for her racism and bigotry.

Richard Hewitt, Cheshire, United Kingdom, Pedophile/Child Predator/Child Molestor

Richard Hewitt who is from Cheshire in the United Kingdom is a Pedophile/Child Predator/Child Molester who was caught Texting a 13-Year-Old girl For Naked Selfies. He was also trying to meet up with the 13-year-old girl who was actually a decoy set up in a sting operation to catch him. He tried to smash his phone to destroy evidence of a text exchange when he realized he had been caught. In the disturbing exchange with the girl, Richard Hewitt asked the girl if she was “horny ,” what kind of bra she was wearing and whether or not she was ready to have sex for the first time. He was sent to jail.

Roger Lee, Rushall, Pewsey, United Kingdom

Roger Lee who lives in Rushall, Pewsey, United Kingdom traveled 300 miles to meet up with the 14-year-old girl to allegedly have sex with her. He stated to undercover investigative agents that he had met with a 12-year-old girl in the past and had gotten her pregnant which he bragged about. When he realized that he was caught attempting to do the same again, Roger Lee threatened to kill himself in lieu of being caught. However, the police authorities got to him before he could commit the act.

Brett Bengochea, Bodybuilder/Actor, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Island, West Indies

This post does not highlight the tragic just the facts about Brett Bengochea (Bodybuilder/Actor, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Island, West Indies): FIRST. He has been part of the elitism of the Trinidad and Tobago society and its cultism of egotism. SECOND. He fell prey to the world and its trappings believing its pleasures could bring true satisfaction apart from God such as Carnival and its carefree yet completely careless sinful pleasures. THIRD. He believed worldly accomplishments were the way to go. This certainly would have pushed up his status when he did in fact achieve making the potential possibility for self admiration and self trust and self sufficiency independent of having a centered relationship with God to occur. God didRead more

Murray Ward, British National, Predator, United KIngdom

Murray Ward, a British National is a child predator who was a regular visitor of Delhi home in India for visually challenged children whom he physically molested. He he had been associated with this institution for nine years. Murray Ward was A frequent visitor of the institute, where he targeted blind children at National Association for the Blind (NAB) in Delhi’s RK Puram. He used to donate study material to the home for visually challenged children and taught communication skills to the children in the institute. Thankfully he was discovered and arrested.