Perla Group International

Charles D’ Alberto and his Perla Group International took my check for some VSAT equipment inMilan, Italy. Charles D’Alberto cashed my check then left town. His phone numbers are all fake and I can’t reach him. Charles D’Alberto Stole over $25,000 from me! Charles D’Alberto and his Perla Group International has been running this scam since 2002. GOOGLE: “Charles D’Alberto” SCAM Charles D’Alberto is a SCAMMER Perla Group International is a SCAM More info can be found: DO NOT TRUST CHARLES D’ ALBERTO !

Christian Palfrey HSE surface diver Taunton London UK

This is a report about a bald man called Christian Palfrey , HSE surface diver in Taunton , United Kingdom. Observations of this man, Christian Palfrey around young children makes me feel very uncomfortable . Christian Palfrey used to live in London with a sick twisted pervert called Matthew Smith ( pictures of the man with lot of acne pimples) and they travelled to Asia for sex tourism , probably child sex tourism because Matt Smith was caught his pants down in Jakarta engaging in sexual activity with a child prostitute. This nasty creep got away with it by bribing the corrupted Indonesian police officer. Christian Palfrey used to work with young children in London probably to get access toRead more


Liekis Mangirdas, based in Lithuania, owner of EMTRONIKA.COM specialise in sourcing aftermarket parts from China but also genuine car manufacturer parts which are mostly stolen from his network of individuals who operate and source car parts from Germany, Sweden, Belgium, UK and so on His legitimate business allows him to transform stolen car parts such as steering wheels, headlights, iDrive controllers, reverse cameras, camera modules, into clean cash mainly through ebay and direct sales. This year alone his official business will generate about 250.000 euros while cash transactions from Russian and Finish buyers mainly, will be another 100.000 euros on top. Let’s be realistic, Lithuania has less than 3 million people. There are not thousands and thousands of BMW FRead more


Mr Boudewijn van Servellen, born in the Netherlands on February 2, 1948 is a clever consultant, mislead several investors and partners by assuming having contacts for issuance of bank guarantees and able to monetize them. Via upfront set up procedures he is able to get control of the money, sends it to his collaborators and vanishes. He is a master manipulator , fraud and embezzles investor’s money with tricky constructions. He falsified several passports and is wanted by the Dutch Government. Any one who may have information about this person which leads to his arrest, may count on a financial compensation.

Guy G Gritton, Phoenix, Arizona

Guy MARRIED FOR OVER 15 YEARS! YOU WILL FIND HIM ON TINDERAS WELL AS OTHER DATING SITES. HE IS A REALATOR He will arrange weekend getaways telling you he loves you!! Your the only one for him!!🤣 He does not use protection during intercourse!! Please get checked if you have had a relationship with him. He is shady in business dealings as well!! PLEASE PLEASE!! Run ladies!! He has no intent of leaving his wife! He is also active in the LDS church. He will use that to make you think he is decent. Look up his business dealings in the past online.. it will give insight into his character! Be careful out there!

COLORADO RN.1634165 JING XIA TESORIERO Rose Medical Center, Denver Health National, Jewish Health Rose Medical Center, Saint Joseph Hospital, Presbyterian St Lukes Medical Center

COLORADO RN.1634165 JING XIA TESORIERO Jing Xia Tesoriero (and Douglas Holberger) plead guilty to child abuse and neglect of her child, in Douglas County, Colorado. Case # 16JV47. Jing Xia Tesoriero works as an RN (Nurse) in the Denver area. Please let DORA (Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies) know what you think of this child abuser working around your children. Call them at 1-800-886-7675 And for more details on Jing Xia Tesoriero, visit: JING XIA TESORIERO RN HIPAA VIOLATOR! COLORADO/FLORIDA