Block Gemini Technologies

These guys are the biggest scammers in the blockchain industry. The guys who run it Chad and Chris are two brothers who ran a company called Mediawhite in the same office in Dubai. Mediawhite was an advertising company who received a bunch of bad reviews as they scammed their customers, taking their money and not giving back. Mediawhite went out of business and completely offline, and then pop. Block Gemini appears run by the two same brothers at the exact same location. They are taking advantage of the current blockchain craze and demand… They have no experience or knowledge in blockchain, or ICO’s for that matter. The CEO Chris calls himself a “blockchain scientist” on LinkedIn… There is no suchRead more

Peter James Bromfield is NOT Stalking Keri Sable or Maddy Rose (Innocent Man)

Peter James Broimfield is NOT Stalking Keri Sable or Maddy Rose or ANYONE else. They are LIES made up by a cyberstalker (RD2017) who is actually doing the REAL Stalking of an innocent man-Mr Peter James Bromfield. The REAL Racist is this Cyberstalker. Proof is seen in the following from the cyberstalker where they: 1. Continuously targets a Black man on sites like STD Registry, STD Carriers, BadBizReport, etc. 2. Calls Him a “Mixed Breed Male” 3. Uses the N-word against Mr Peter James Bromfield. 4. Uses pictures that mock Mr Peter James Bromfield as a Black male. Even their words found on (1591851) say this: “Dear Peter Bromfield (Nxxxxs) submitted 5 months ago by Shmerby Peter, aka Haseeb2.Read more

Lina Sophia Wall

Watch out for this skank! She runs her mouth way too much. Lina Sophia Wall is a cheating, narcissistic sociopath! She manipulates others into trusting her, then she betrays them. Lina has an overactive sex drive, which is common for sociopaths and psychopaths. She also lacks empathy and remorse, just like a sociopath. Lina puts on a good act, but in all honesty, she does not give a fuck about you. She is only out for herself! This 49 year old nasty slut claims to be allergic to latex condoms. So she has been fucking a countless number of men, bareback; in the raw, for years! Lina has had 35+ years experience, getting her nasty on with her sister’s baby-daddyRead more

David A. Brown – Corryton/Knoxville, Tennessee

This is the husband of the filth and disease carrier, Elise Givens-Brown. Stay away from this nasty scumbag! He is a cheater too, who is loaded with whatever crabs and diseases that Elise has. David Brown is a horrible boss, among other things. He is a sneaky lowlife cuckold who lives in denial and refuses to believe that his wife is the nastiest whore around. Everybody at PCI Knoxville saw David Brown’s wife, Elise spread eagle, welcoming big black cock in her big mouth, stinky pussy and gaping asshole! This piss-poor excuse of a man was trained well by his idol, Esley Hall. David still abides by those same, corrupt habits. He too rips off his workers. Not only that,Read more

Peter James Bromfield is stalking Keri Sable and Maddy Rose

Peter James Bromfield from Tempe, Arizona is stalking two more white porn stars: Keri Sable and Maddy Rose. Peter Bromfield has no life and continues to write these reports about white women that he is obsessed with. Bromfield stalks famous and infamous white girls and writes vile profiles about him on revenge sites, for fun. He hates seeing white women with white males and believes that all white girls should all be forced to race mix and make half breed offspring, like him.