Walker Stone San Francisco Rapist

Walker Stone living in San Francisco, CA was fired from MEM Architecture He was stealing from Houman Sharif. Walker is a RAPIST and PERVERT. He OWNS child pornography and redistributes it to people in Alabama. He is a rapist, and brings STDS with him. He fucks prostitutes with a two inch, hairy dick. He smells like urine and garbage. This man has nasty scabs. His dick is limp and he busts in two minutes and when you break up with him he rapes you and gets you drugged. walkerpstone@gmail.com 415-818-3191 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/walkerpstone https://www.walkerpstone.com/ Walker Stone who is a WHITE SUPERMACIST from Alabama who is part of the United Klans of America. Walker Stone currently is forming KKK Klans in theRead more

Rameez Jackson, Trinidad and Tobago

This sicko whose name is Rameez Jackson from Trinidad and Tobago is a stinking pile of dog poop. He likes to do wicked stuff to people and has been known to thief and steal when he gets the chance. Watch Out when you are around him because you can never trust him and you never know what wicked thing he might be plotting and planning while he uses his fake smile around you.

Valerie Vogt Events

Valerie promised me an amazing event with celebrities and more. I put down a deposit of $5,000 to secure a space, catering, flowers, etc. I was told things were on track, and we met frequently to discuss the event (a fundraiser for a small charity). About three weeks before the event, Valerie totally disappeared. No response to my phone calls, emails, texts, etc. I could see she was active on instagram (@valvogt) and posting to her story while she traveled around the world (presumabely on the money I gave her). I was forced to cancel the event and reschedule it for a later date. Do not hire this woman! She will take your money and run.

Jaylynn Cali and Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas London UK

Ladies beware of this piece of shit lying cheating dog Matthew Smith who work at BNP Paribas London and watch out for this slut Jaylynn Cali . Jaylynn Cali is a nasty slut that sleep with other womens ‘ husband or boyfriend . She slept with a ugly cunt called Matthew Smith who works at BNP Paribas in London behind the his girlfriend’s back pretending to be single . Matthew Smith of BNP Paribas is a lying cheating POS who cheated with the nasty whore Jaylynn Cali that he met on PlentyOfFish . Matthew Smith has been permanently on PlentyodWhales and other dating sites for the past 20 years. He is 40 years old but lies about his age andRead more

Jeff Palumbo

Jeff claims to be a serial entrepreneur. Unfortunately he is more like a serial con man. He works under many different internet entities. They all provide to value other what so ever. Do not fall victim to this con man. His companies to beware of are as follows: Y!RM, Offerall, KIDlanthropy, and the latest is Catapultus. He lives in the Richmond Virginia area of the United States.

Esley Hall – USA DeBusk, Knoxville, Tennessee

Esley Hall is a cheater and a scammer. He is the division manager of USA DeBusk in Knoxville, Tennessee. Don’t work for him! He will rip you off! He will eventually rip the company off. DeBusk will one day regret hiring this scamming ass thief! Esley is also a cheating narcissist. He will blame you if you have a failed relationship with him. According to him, nothing is ever his fault. Esley blames his ex wife for his son being a drunk driving, drug using loser. Esley steals and cheats, and lives comfortably, with no remorse. He has spent years ripping people off. Steer clear of this scumbag!