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File A Report and Help Stop Scammers. Don’t let them get away with it! Report A Scammer! ScamBoard.com Bringing scammers to their knees! Notify the Online Community. Don’t let the other make the same mistake. Notify the online community and the other might even help solve the case or catch the bad guy! Let us stop scammers in their tracks!

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ScamBoard.com was formed in 2005, originally as a site to add the details of any scammers and scam reports. ScamBoard is the best online forum to talk about internet scams and other kinds of scams and fraud. Report the scam here!

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Thank you very much ScamBoard for the assistance and your website has been a big help for me. Moreover it is a best lesson for the organizations to do their best for the good benefit of their consumers. After seeing my complaint, senior manager contacted me and we worked out an equitable resolution to my complaint. Then I ask ScamBoard to removed my report. I want to thank ScamBoard.com for helping me out of this situation. Thanks so much. I love this Board. Great site. Lots of useful information.Kathy L, Atlanta, GA

This is a beautiful site that gets the job done…I have resolved problem after Posting on scamboard.com. I think that scamboard.com is a great service, keep up the good work and Thank you very much for providing such a Great platform!Debora C, Herdon, VA

Let me say from the center of my heart – thank you so much ScamBoard. We have a great many people in the California area and from around the country that have been harshly effected by a very dishonest “businessman”. Your site has given us an opportunity to share our thoughts a help guide appropriate legal actions for the various classes of folks that have been scammed.Cindy Williams, California

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